Doctor Assistant/Social Media & Event Planner

Fear Free Certified

Jenny made the choice to join the Haines Road team early in 2023. Originally from Palm Harbor she grew up frequently pet sitting and dog watching as a kid. Her later life took her to East Tennessee where her career in veterinary medicine began at a small local shelter. Returning back to Florida in 2015 she choose to dive head first into her veterinary career having dabbled in shelter medicine, emergency medicine, and general practice. Since becoming part of the team Jenny has also taken on the role of doing Haines Road social media and events!
In her free time she is in school finishing her veterinary technology degree to become a CVT. Outside of school and work, you can find her at Disney, practicing her golf swing, or finding some other way to enjoy the outdoors. There is no place like home though for Jenny, as she makes time to travel and visit her family as much as possible.

Jenny’s family has recently grown with the addition of a Standard Poodle puppy named Olympia. When you stop in, Jenny will be more than happy to tell you all about Olympia, her love of standard poodles, and why they make great members of the family.

Jenny has always felt a deep connection to animals. This connection helped guide her to veterinary medicine. Since pursuing her degree in veterinary technology, Jenny has found she loves the science behind the medicine as well. Her love of the science and getting to connect with animals everyday is what keeps her passionate about her career.