Technician Assistant

Fear Free Certified

Alexandria is a Technician Assistant who joined our team in 2021. 

Her duties here at Haines Road Animal Hospital consist of assisting the Doctors & Technicians with appointments, monitoring surgical patients recovery, assisting doctors in exam rooms, and aiding in any treatments or diagnostics needed.

Her favorite part of the job is connecting with the owners by improving the quality of life of their animals. Nothing makes her more fulfilled at the end of the day than knowing that she made a difference not only in the pet’s life, but the family’s too.  

Alex shares her home with her 3 pets named Kali, Zelda, and Mahi. Kali is a 6 year old Aussie lab mix who is the princess of the family. Zelda, her 10 year old Staffordshire Terrier, is a special girl who gets by on one less leg than most other dogs do. And finally, Mahi is a 6 year old domestic shorthair who keeps the dogs in their places. 

In her free time she loves going to see live music, practicing yoga, & going on camping trips.