Pet Pregnancy Planning

Happy Pregnant Dog

Vaginal Cytology

Our veterinarians perform vaginal cytology on female dogs to help determine the optimum time to breed and enhance the success of pregnancy. To do so, we take a swab of the vaginal cells and analyze them under a microscope. Usually, more than one swab is required.

Additional tests, including a thyroid analysis, should be performed on your dog before her estrus cycle. These tests can rule out any potential problems or alert you to issues that need to be addressed before breeding.

Caesarian Section

Most animals give birth without any complications. However, mothers occasionally need help with delivery. We usually attempt to resolve the problem using medical therapy first, but when that doesn’t solve the issue, we will perform a caesarian section.

During a c-section, the mother is given an anesthetic. An incision is then made along her abdomen and through the uterus to retrieve unborn puppies or kittens. In some situations, we may recommend that the mother be spayed during this procedure, usually to prevent future problems of this nature.

Pet Pregnancy Care In St. Petersburg, FL

The health and wellness of the mother and her puppies is of paramount importance throughout the entire pregnancy. An expecting human mother would be ill advised to go about her pregnancy without the insight, assistance and expertise of a medical professional, and neither should your female dog.

Your dog deserves every chance to be healthy, happy litter of puppies. At Haines Road Animal Hospital we specialize in facilitating healthy dog pregnancies for mothers and puppies alike. We feel like pets are truly part of the family and would be honored to guide your family through this exciting time.

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