Haines Road Animal Hospital


The Road to Wellness

Established in 1960 and operated by its founder, Dr. Joe Larmon, this once two-veterinarian operation now houses five expert veterinarians as well as a full team of professionally trained staff and greeters. In 1997, Dr. Javier Vicente purchased the hospital after practicing at our veterinary hospital for five years, and in 2016, Dr. Raul Buso purchased the hospital after practicing here for over 7 years. Retaining a deep love for animals and a vision of a devoted animal hospital that delivers the same level of medical care to pets as is offered to humans, their insight and dedication to veterinary medicine has brought Haines Road Animal Hospital to where it is today: a full-service veterinary hospital providing the most progressive and up-to-date treatment for pets throughout St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Clearwater, and other surrounding Florida communities.

As an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) certified veterinary hospital, Haines Road Animal Hospital is held to strict standards in veterinary care and services. Our certification verifies that we meet trusted, professional veterinary criteria in vital practice areas including:

  • Surgical protocols
  • Pet dental regulations
  • Contagious disease conventions
  • Anesthesiology codes
  • Proper patient care formalities
  • Pain management guidelines
  • Emergency protocols

This AAHA accreditation also guarantees thorough and complete medical records, an onsite veterinary pharmacy, and advanced animal diagnostic services.

Accompanying our uncompromising principles, standards, and protocols, we offer best in class customer service and innovative technologies to ensure high-quality results. Additionally, our full-service veterinary hospital can cover almost any customized pet care need. New patients and referrals are always welcome, as are walk-ins or those wishing to tour our facility. Establish your pet care today at our trusted veterinary hospital.

Services Offered

Our Staff

  • Raul Buso, DVM, Ultrasonography Certification, Echocardiogram Certification, Fear Free Certified
  • Javier Vicente, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Camille Andrews, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Stephanie Bode, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Rhonda Johnson, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Mary Volkers, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Julie Mosher, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Erin Macdonald, CVT, BAS, CVPM, Hospital Administrator, Fear Free Certified
  • Lauren , Fear Free Certified
  • Tom
  • Cat , Certified Veterinary Technician, Fear Free Certified
  • Christina , Certified Veterinary Technician, Fear Free Certified
  • Lisa , CVT, Fear Free Certified
  • Nikki , CVT, Fear Free Certified
  • Tracy , Fear Free Certified
  • Ashli , Fear Free Certified
  • Sam , CVT, Fear Free Certified
  • Jenni , CVT, Fear Free Certified
  • , CVT, Fear Free Certified
  • Christine , CVT, Fear Free Certified
  • Gabby , Fear Free Certified
  • Chloe , Fear Free Certified
  • , Fear Free Certified
  • Shelly , Fear Free Certified
  • Victoria , Fear Free Certified
  • Caroline , Fear Free Certified
  • Teddy Bloom
  • Fallon
  • Barb

Location Photos