XEDGE is now open!If you are in the EDGE district, stop by and see us! Mon-Tue and Thurs-Fri between 8am and 12pm or 1pm and 5pm; Sat between 8am and 12pm; Closed Wednesdays and Sundays. Learn more about EDGEhere.

EDGE Animal Hospital


Quality Service for Your Pet and You

Downtown St. Petersburg is one of the most dynamic, pet-friendly city centers in Florida. Which is why it’s so deserving of a veterinary clinic dedicated to advanced medicine and compassionate care, tailored to every stage of your pet’s life. The first full-service veterinary clinic located in the heart of St. Pete’s EDGE district reflects the pet-loving values of its residents and their demand for high quality veterinary care. Edge Animal Hospital will serve the community and their pets with a wide range of comprehensive services.

Services Offered

Our Staff

  • Raul Buso, DVM, Ultrasonography Certification, Echocardiogram Certification, Fear Free Certified
  • Mary Volkers, DVM, Fear Free Certified
  • Erin Macdonald, CVT, BAS, CVPM, Hospital Administrator, Fear Free Certified
  • Cat , Certified Veterinary Technician, Administrative Manager, Fear Free Certified
  • Christina , Certified Veterinary Technician, Fear Free Certified
  • Chris , Fear Free Certified

Location Photos