Laser Therapy: Benefits of Treatment


Would your dog benefit from laser therapy? Quite possibly. In fact, many pet lovers aren’t aware of this safe, non-invasive procedure even though it’s been used on humans for over 40 years.

While laser therapy can benefit dogs with a variety of conditions, one common instance with pups is a torn ACL. That’s because it’s excellent for muscle and tissue healing. If your pup is a jumper, you’ve probably witnessed an awkward landing or two. Sometimes, those result in your dog hobbling around for a few hours. Dogs can pull muscles, sprain ankles and yes, tear ligaments such as their anterior cruciate ligament — aka ACL.

If you notice your dog limping for several hours, that’s a cue that your pet needs to visit the veterinarian and get treatment.

There are many other conditions where laser therapy can benefit pets in pain too, we’ll share some of those in a minute. You may be surprised at all the possible scenarios where this therapy has been successful.

But first, let’s take a quick look at how laser therapy works.

How it Works

Also known as “cold laser” or “Laser IV,” laser therapy is highly focused and can penetrate deep into the problematic area. There’s no surgery or drugs needed as the laser works to stimulate blood circulation and regenerate cells.

Specifically, the laser stimulates a chemical reaction known as photobiostimulation. It releases endorphins in your pet — the happy chemical — which helps your pet feel better as well as promotes faster healing.

Laser therapy treatment performed on dog by veterinarian technician

That means, your pet can feel immediate relief. Plus, the sessions last only a few minutes.

Laser Therapy Can Treat:

  • Inflammation
  • Ear Problems
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Wounds
  • Even Gingivitis!

In fact, because the laser essentially aids the body in healing itself, it can work for most instances. You can book an appointment with us to determine if laser therapy is right for your pet.

You might wonder how your pet will react to the therapy. That’s a great question and while every pet is different, we foolow strict protocols to ensure your pet’s safety and utilize Fear Free practices that help alieviate the stress associated with vet visits.

Your medical professional will aim the laser at the specific area and your pet will feel a warm heat generated from it. Since it feels a little like a massage, most pets relax and enjoy the process. Some of them even sleep through it.

As mentioned above, the sessions are short and painless. In fact, many pets experience immediate pain relief, even after only one session. However, that will depend on your pet and treatments are customized according to your dog’s needs.

How Many Sessions Will Your Pet Need?

Your veterinarian will determine the optimal number of sessions your pet needs based on your pet’s condition. Some need as little as 3 while others need 10 or more to experience the maximum healing possible.

This FDA-approved therapy has no known side effects and it’s drug-free. Your dog can still go on walks and sleep in his favorite spots at home.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Needs Laser Therapy?

Well, that’s a question for your veterinarian professional. If your dog exhibits any of the classic signs of pain we suggest you book an appointment right away to determine the cause and a treatment plan.

Common dog pain symptoms include loss of appetite, limping, unusual sitting/sleeping postures, vocalizations like whining, trouble getting up from a sleeping position. These are not all of them but are easily recognized.

If you notice such behavior changes, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with us right away. Let’s help your dog feel better.

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