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Veterinary Technician Assistants

Gabby, Assistant

Gabby, Fear Free Certified

Technician Assistant / Client Service Representative

Gabby signed up to volunteer at Haines Road in 2015 before she was accepted into a vet tech program. Her desire to comfort pets separated from their family made her a perfect fit in the kennel with our boarders, and she was hired to the staff on her first day volunteering.

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Chris, Fear Free Certified

Technician Assistant / Client Service Representative

Chris joined our kennel team in 2015 before being brought on as a Doctor Assistant and jumping in wherever he is needed. Our patients love Chris’ words of encouragement and gentle approach, and Chris loves making his patients feel safe while building a bond they won’t forget.

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Chloe, Fear Free Certified

Technician Assistant / Pharmacy Assistant

Before Chloe joined our team in 2014, she developed her talents as a nanny, school counselor, and librarian. Her desire to nurture and educate led her to volunteer with us and we quickly welcomed her as a full-fledged team member as she began her journey in the pharmacy.

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TJ, Fear Free Certified

Technician Assistant / Client Service Representative

At only 10 years old, TJ felt a strong bond to the animals he visited at local zoos and aquariums. He loved watching the trainers work with the animals and dreamed that he would one day have the chance to do the same.

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Jack, Animal Care Coordinator

Jack, Fear Free Certified

Technician Assistant / Animal Care Coordinator

Jack is an essential part of your pet’s care when at our hospital. He is always eager to care for your pet as if they were his own by providing the same love and comfort they would receive at home. As much as he enjoys spending his workday surrounded by our patients, he floats around to wherever he’s needed as support for our technicians.

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