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Fear Free Certified
Technician Assistant / Client Service Representative

At only 10 years old, TJ felt a strong bond to the animals he visited at local zoos and aquariums. He loved watching the trainers work with the animals and dreamed that he would one day have the chance to do the same. In 2013, the right opportunity presented itself and TJ began training exotic animals at the maritime aquarium in Connecticut and then the Georgia Aquarium– working closely with his favorite animal, penguins! TJ and his wife were married at Fort De Soto and quickly fell in love with the St. Petersburg area. They moved here soon after and TJ continued his efforts to work closely with animals by accepting a new role at Haines Road Animal Hospital in 2019. His ability to build strong bonds with our patients and dedication to their well-being is essential in assisting our certified techs. Newly married and new to Florida, TJ enjoys spending his free time with his wife at one of the many beaches his new home has to offer.

TJ is Fear-Free Certified.