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CVT, Fear Free Certified
Certified Veterinary Technician / CVT Supervisor
Jeana, CVT

Jeana’s childhood was spent volunteering in various shelters, pet sitting for neighbors and friends, and eventually working in stables caring for different livestock. Her love of animals has influenced so much of her life, ultimately leading her to the Veterinary Medicine program at SPC after having moved from Michigan in 2015 with her husband. Jeana trained as a technician in Tampa during her time in school, enhancing her education by gaining hands-on experience in patient care. As she grew in her career, Jeana decided that she wanted to work for a hospital that was committed to the same level of care that she would want for her own pets. Finding an AAHA accredited hospital was an important factor in her job search and is what brought her to Haines Road Animal Hospital in 2019. Jeana is passionate about the bond we share with our pets and is particularly concerned with geriatric patient care, which maintains the continued relationship between us and our senior pets. Whether she’s spending her day off exploring the St. Petersburg area with her husband or relaxing at the beach, you can trust that she’s still thinking of your pet’s wellbeing!

Jeana is Fear-Free Certified.