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Fear Free Certified
Technician Assistant / Client Service Representative
Gabby, Assistant

Gabby signed up to volunteer at Haines Road in 2015 before she was accepted into a vet tech program. Her desire to comfort pets separated from their family made her a perfect fit in the kennel with our boarders, and she was hired to the staff on her first day volunteering. Gabby quickly began working in various areas around the hospital, including assisting in clinic and treatment rooms, the laboratory, and even as a receptionist. Her true passion remains with providing our patients with love and support in the kennel and during treatments. In fact, she often spends her work breaks curled up with our boarders in the kennel offering them the same affection and comfort their family would give them. Gabby has developed quite the interest in intestinal parasites since her time at Haines Road. She enjoys solving the mysterious symptoms that come along with the numerous parasites our pets can contract and then determining the correct course of treatment. Gabby is a mother to one beautiful baby girl, a Florida Poodle rescue named Charlie, and newly adopted puppy named Mojie.

Gabby is Fear-Free Certified.