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Fear Free Certified
Technician Assistant / Pharmacy Assistant

Before Chloe joined our team in 2014, she developed her talents as a nanny, school counselor, and librarian. Her desire to nurture and educate led her to volunteer with us and we quickly welcomed her as a full-fledged team member as she began her journey in the pharmacy. Chloe generally works as an assistant in multiple areas of the hospital, she is Fear Free Certified and exudes a positive energy wherever she’s needed. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chloe’s interest in diagnostic studies has grown throughout her years spent studying the lab results of countless patients. She enjoys determining the “why” behind every diagnosis and helping clients create a wellness plan for their furry family members that will keep them safe and healthy. Not only does she enjoy exploring diagnostic medicine, she loves exploring the local parks and beaches of St. Petersburg and spending most of her free time with her niece.

Chloe is Fear-Free Certified.