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Pharmacy Drive Through Attendant

Barbara’s long history caring for animals began all the way back in 1992 at a veterinary clinic in Tampa, Fl. In 1997, her experience led her to a cat boarding facility where she worked as an animal care coordinator. We welcomed Barbara onto our team in 2003 and she continued caring for boarders as part of our kennel staff. Her ability to provide our patients with attentive and compassionate care made her well suited as an assistant; and her talents were transitioned from the kennel to assisting our certified techs in 2009. After nearly 10 years helping our CVTs with extra hands on support, Barbara was brought onto our pharmacy staff to give that same attentive care to dispensing medications to our patients. As the Drive Through Attendant, Barbara loves seeing the pets that visit her in our pharmacy’s drive-thru! When she’s not greeting our clients at their car, she enjoys spending her free time with her Dachshund, Penelope, and her six cats at home.