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Fear Free Certified
Doctor Assistant / Pharmacy Assistant
Ashley, Doctor Assistant

Ashli’s interest in pet care began from an early age and her desire to help animals brought to join a kennel staff when she turned 18. She immediately fell in love with caring for the boarders and wanted to do more for the patients in her care, which inspired her to begin the Vet Tech program at St. Petersburg College. When she joined our team in 2011, Ashli worked with our reception team and worked her way into assisting before completing the Vet Tech program at SPC. Aside from studying blood panels for diagnostic purposes, Ashli’s favorite part of assisting the veterinarians is the opportunity to create a pleasant experience for her patients through Fear Free techniques. Her love of animals also includes 3 furry family members, two very fluffy Pekingese dogs and a tuxedo cat. When she’s not bouncing from patient to patient, assisting doctors with intake and handling, or treating a nervous pet to a generous helping of peanut butter, Ashli is a mother and wife that enjoys spending what free time she has with her entire family.

Ashli is Fear-Free Certified.