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Pet Pain Management

Comforting Pet Pain Management Experts

veterinary pain management

As animal lovers ourselves, one of our top priorities as a full service veterinary hospital is to carefully assess and manage our patients' comfort level. It is, of course, our ultimate goal to tend to your pet's health in a manner that eliminates all pain and promotes a generally positive, relaxed state of being.

Your pet's biannual exams play a particularly important role in early detection of potentially problematic areas that you may not have noticed at home. Veterinary foresight and prompt intervention of such infancy complications can prevent or help control future painful difficulties, as well as prolong you pet's life.

We begin by conducting a complete exam, assessing and ranking the discomfort on a pain scale. Depending on the diagnosis and severity of pain, we will then choose the most appropriate treatment path accordingly. This could include veterinary pharmaceutical prescriptions or an alternative, such as pet laser therapy (often used to help with arthritis, back pain, trauma, inflammatory conditions, wounds, and much more).

Is your pet in pain?

If you notice any of the following changes in behavior, your pet may be subtly displaying signs of pain and discomfort. We recommend making an appointment with our one of our expert veterinarians who can further inspect, assess, and properly treat the problem.

  • Change in sleep cycle or also tosses and turns; can't get comfortable
  • Loss of appetite
  • Acting either more aggressive or passive than usual
  • Hiding in back of kennel and corners
  • Posture modification (sitting in strange positions to protect a painful area)
  • Excessive licking or scratching of a particular body part
  • Abnormally whining, crying, or meowing during specific actions
  • Biting
  • Excessive panting
  • Irregularly craving extra affection


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